We’ve provided a list of answers to questions we frequently receive regarding our services. If you don't see the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to give you more information and clarify any of your concerns.

How does First Wisconsin Cremation work?

First Wisconsin Cremation is notified immediately at the time of death. Transportation to the crematory is included and the body is held until proper medical authorization is secured. The cremation permit is then completed, and the body is cremated.

Why is it so cheap? What's the catch?

Through First Wisconsin Cremation, you are receiving only the most basic services of a crematory. You are not paying for anything you don't need. There are no frills and no other obligations. As a condition of services, payment must be received in full up front, and all paperwork must be completed through the web link provided to you at that time.

Does the body have to be embalmed?

No. With the First Wisconsin Cremation's modern facilities, the body does not have to be embalmed.

What happens to the remains after cremation?

The remains will be handled according to your written instructions. We ship to anywhere in the state of Wisconsin at no additional charge.

In what kind of container are the cremated remains returned?

The cremated remains are placed in a plastic "temporary urn" at no charge to you. We have other permanent urns available.

Is your price for complete cremation service good for the entire state of Wisconsin?

Yes! There are no additional transportation charges.

Do I need to join First Wisconsin Cremation?

No - We have no membership fees.

May I pre-pay the cremation cost?

Not at this time. Please contact us about other programs in which we can offer prepayment options.

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